Shipment to the client of the AgroSTAR grain carrier semitrailer

The STAS Ukraine company presented and shipped to the client an aluminum semitrailer grain carrier of Belgian production. The farm "Verkhovyna" acquired the first unit of equipment in order to evaluate the quality and advantages with the aim of further cooperation.

Features of the semi-trailer

AgroSTAR grain trucks belong to a new generation of premium equipment. They differ in durability, functionality. They are designed taking into account the permissible axle load, therefore they combine lightness and strength.

The semi-trailer has a number of features.
1. Convenient control panel of the Wabco Smart Board premium class semi-trailer. The panel displays information about axle load, mileage, pad wear, temperature, tire pressure.
2. A retractable ladder is installed on the right side of the rear of the semitrailer.
3.There is a PVC toolbox on the left side. Closed with a key.
4. A 30L water tank is provided for hand washing.

Semi-trailer operation improves grain handling efficiency and reduces maintenance costs.

Characteristics of a grain carrier

The chassis of the semi-trailer is made of steel, and the semi-trailer itself is made of high quality aluminum. For the floor, a wear-resistant sheet with a thickness of 8 mm was used. The front wall of the semi-trailer is made of light aluminum sheet profiles, 4 mm thick. The wall is reinforced in the place where the hydraulic cylinders are attached. The side wall is made of a 600 mm profile with a thickness of 30 mm. For reliability, the walls are welded in the middle of the body. Sandwich-panel profiles. Their thickness from the inside is 3 mm, and from the outside - 2 mm.

volume - 56.1 cubic meters m;
own weight - 6540 kg;
width inside the body - 2475 mm;
length inside the body - 10465 mm;
height inside the body - 2165 mm;
chassis width - 1400 mm;
chassis type - Z10;
support legs - Jost Modu4
lifting cylinder type - HYVA.

Axle type - SAF Custom Design - CD, withstand the load - 3 x 9 t. SAF suspension, axle type - Intra, 120 fork. The first axle is lifting, pneumatic and controlled by a button from the cab. The rear doors are also pneumatic, opening automatically. The tailgate is a universal door: swing gates and open board. Standard type grain hatches.
The technique combines stylish design and premium quality.
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