Leasing programs from financial partners for the purchase of STAS semi-trailers

Semi-trailer for lease

This is a profitable investment option
The purchased semitrailer can be leased out in the future or used by the buyer himself for cargo transportation. Stas Treilers invites customers to familiarize themselves with this type of lending and arrange it in the same offices of partner companies

Before you make a leasing of a semitrailer, you need to understand all the nuances, features of such a loan and choose the best bank with which an agreement will be concluded. For 2020, Stas Treilers offers to lease a semi-trailer from the following banks, with certain conditions set out above

In case of any questions, the company offers the assistance of our experts.

      Benefits of lending

      Not everyone can afford to buy a semi-trailer at full price right away without taking loans. When deciding on a bank loan, it is better to arrange a lease for a car than just take money at interest. This is because the features and system of this type of lending are ideal for the registration of cars and trucks. The advantages of such a deal are called:
      - moderate monthly payments;
      - transparency of legal transactions;
      - issued for transport of any category;
      - transactions are carried out quickly;
      - suitable for both entrepreneurs and individuals.

      By leasing a semitrailer from Stas Treiler, you can get high-quality and reliable equipment that meets all modern quality standards.

      The presented car models are suitable for use in various spheres of life, therefore their production is strictly controlled. An additional plus, many buyers note the ability to independently select the appropriate characteristics of the model they like, for example, its dimensions and volume.
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